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Buying Gold - How we sell

BMP Arkiplus operates exclusively in compliance with both local and international Laws and Regulations.
If it is your desire to go into business with our Group, you must follow the laws, rules, and procedures indicated by us.

Preliminary knowledge

Notice to our potential new customers.
Our potential customers are invited to send us by email to

and in copy to

  • the CIS in pdf of the company interested in the purchase

  • copy of the legible color passport of the legal representative of the purchasing company

  • Chamber of Commerce registration showing the powers of signature

  • a note concerning the quantity of goods requested.


The first formal document that will be released and exchanged between the parties via official (corporate) email, will be the NCNDA document.

Once the NCNDA is formalized you will be informed with an FCO when we will be able to meet your needs.

Only after having received, via official (corporate) email, the FCO stamped and signed for acceptance, the parties will agree and sign the final contract (SPA).

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