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Gold Sale - How we buy

BMP Arkiplus operates exclusively in compliance with both local and international Laws and Regulations.
If it is your desire to go into business with our Group, you must follow the laws, rules, and procedures indicated by us.

We examine offers for the sale of goods exclusively from:

  • Sellers, owners of the promised goods for sale, in possession of a valid license for trade and export, who will send an FCO (Full Corporate Offer) in the name of Banco Metalli Piceno Srl.

  • Offers from signalers or simple presenters will be declined.

  • Offers received from intermediaries will be examined, only if duly authorized by the seller with notarial Power of Attorney, which must be attached to the FCO.


The first formal document that will be issued and exchanged between the parties via email will be the NCNDA document as a guarantee for whoever presented the deal.

If the FCO is accepted the parties will agree the SPA.

Banco Metalli Piceno Srl does not issue payments in advance.

Banco Metalli Piceno Srl can take into consideration a request for guarantee instruments only after the seller has performed a trial of the start of the relationship in a quantity consistent with the contract itself, for which the seller requests bank coverage (which must in any case be counter-guaranteed) .

Characteristics of the sales proposals to be sent to us:

The FCO, which must indicate the quantity, characteristics and price of the goods offered CIF Rome Fiumicino - ITALY, must be sent in PDF by email to

and in copy to


  1. copy of the legible color passport of the legal representative of the selling company

  2. copy of the valid trade and export license

  3. a document certifying the seller's signature powers

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