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Our History

The Chef of Technical Department, Mr. Maurizio Nencioni, Italian citizen, born in Florence on 13 January 1961, resident in Italy, has Professional experience in mining from 2003 to today in West African countries.


He has accumulated over time experience in the surface mining sector (open pit mines with primary and secondary gold tracing from rocky and alluvial deposits) through the provision of geological prospecting services, mechanical design and technical consultancy on behalf of foreign companies active in the territories of West Africa.

The cognitive work carried out in Sénégal in 2003 helped to generate a very important wealth of technical experience on primary gold deposits, the management of local relationships and new agreed perspectives, make it possible today to carry out mining projects, not only in West Africa. implementing a series of strategic operational phases.


The strong knowledge of African tribal systems and their management is essential to achieve the corporate purpose, experience that is given by years of work in the rural areas of former French and English colonies on the African continent.

The mining experiences acquired from 2003 to 2014 throughout the territory of West Africa can now allow the design and management of highly evolved mining organizations.

Below some photos of superficial verifications of the presence of gold.

Reliable plants that are part of our alluvial exploitation projects.

After returning to Italy from 2014 to today, in addition to following the international trade of Italian products, the professional interest has shifted to the transformation of gold and all the techniques that associate it with purity and the definition of "bullion". The collaborations in Arezzo-Italy have been with the major Metal Banks and many companies in the production sector of smelting, refining and processing plants.

As for the design and construction of a complete melting, refining and certification plant on the territories, it is part of our tasks, as we can coordinate local construction companies (in case there is no property with the characteristics necessary to contain such a company ), design, construction, logistics and assembly, this is something we personally take care of as well as for the assignment to one or more Italian operators who will work on the plants for technical management and their maintenance on site.